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>>> this week, disaster in the pacific. as my team and i cross japan to find almost biblical scene of destruction. fears of a nuclear meltdown. after the powerful earthquake. the devastating wall of water. a race is on to stop a dangerous radiation leak. and rescue tens of thousands. >> announcer: from abc news, a special "this week" with christiane amanpour, disaster in the pacific, live from tokyo, starts now. >> hello, again, and we are here live broadcasting from tokyo, where the government is scrambling to deal with this massive crisis. an earthquake, a tsunami, and a nuclear disaster. the prime minister said on television, this is the worst challenge this country has had to deal with sin warld war to. we're here near the narita airport. the stages ground for u.s. and other international help rushing in. the government is concerned about a second meltdown at a second reactioner and a possible explosion there. it's playing down the idea of leakageradiation. my team and i went to the north where most devastation has been. my colleagues have reached some of the worst hit areas. w
military? how does it end? >>> then, disaster in the pacific. nuclear nightmare scenario in japan. how prepare sd is united states? could it happen here? libya and japan, two crises with major consequences for the united states. >> as we begin or broadcast, the united states is at war in a third muslim country, libya. we'll take you there live in a moment. abc's team of correspondents is covering every angle of the story. i'll have an exclusive interview with moammar gadhafi's son, saif. i'll be joined here in the studios by chairman mike mullen. >>> but first, the latest headlines in the fast-moving story. a defiant moammar gadhafi is promising a long war, one day after the united states and a broad international coalition launched military strikes on his country. british and american ships and submarines fired 112 cruise missiles on more than 120 targets on the coast. b-2 bombers took out targets. they're plans to impose a no-fly zone to keep him from firing on his own people. sunday, tripoli shook with explosions and ant aircraft fire. libyan state television reported that 48 people
from? >> same pattern. >> reporter: the plate from japan. >> is there anything on the table made in america? >> it doesn't appear that way. >> reporter: what about the texas hat here? >> let's see. bangladesh. >> reporter: and little ellis. the prized american girl dolls. what does it say? made in -- >> whine that. >> reporter: 9 of 10 products in the '6 ons that americans brought were made in america. we won'tered, could the usrys make it without any foreign products at palm we're going ask you, will you leave us with your house in my hands? it was every room of the house. night stands from indonesia. the lamp, china. this is where it's all going. anything foreign made right in on here. the stove, ripped out. the refrigerator, gone. the piano. that is a heavy piano. and every inch of the trailer filled. with the sun setting, the usrys were about to return to this. and this. and this. the living room, with one lone vase. what do you think? >> wow. >> all of the aprinss are gone. >> reporter: we did leave the kitchen sink because it was made in america. >> everything but the kitch
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)